Business Web Site

Do You Want A Business Web Site For Your Business?

A Business Of Any Size Expecting To Do Business On The Internet Must Have A Business Web Site.

Are you a very small business owner who still does not have a web site?

Now you can get an inexpensive web site for your business!

A domain name, hosting space and two full hours of direct help to get your site up and running with the information you need on the site to attract customers to your business.

Of course you will have to provide the information ( text, pictures, videos, links, etc.) you want to display on your web site. Once you have that (and it does not need to be perfect, but it should represent your business well), then that information will be used to set up your site.

Once everything is in place, then you can continue to manage and administer your own site or if you choose, let someone handle your web site administration for you while you run your business.

Getting started is really easy!  All that is necessary for you to do today is make payment and provide a contact email address.

Once that is done, you will be contacted to review your situation and provide the necessary information to get your site up and running.

All the administrative details of acquiring the domain name and setting up the hosting space is done for you and this set up is not part of your free two hours of direct help. Nor is your initial consultation to discuss your web site situation part of your direct free help.

Two hours is the time I set aside to get everything you need done with the site, so you can focus on your business and not your web site.

In most cases, a simple one to five page web site is what most businesses need to begin with an on-line presence.

See the details and get started today at: