Edge Membership


Edge membership currently provides information and resources for members in two ways.

1.) Members who have no web site or effective Internet presence and are not familiar with web site development, Internet marketing and advertising for their very small business are provided with information and resources to help acquire, create and develop an initial Internet presence

2.) Members who have web sites and some presence are provided with information and resources to help create and develop a deeper and more robust Internet presence to attract more customers to their business, products and services.

An Edge membership provides all very small business members  with information and resources that parallel and complement any other existing information on the Internet.

Creating An Existence Or Presence On The Internet Is Similar To Writing A Book And Publishing It.

An Edge membership is designed to help you create and develop an Internet existence to help you find prospective customer’s for your very small business or a business of any size.

Knowledge and resources to help you with your business are power for your business.

MEMBERSHIP DISCLAIMER:  An Edge membership can provide knowledge and resources to help you understand and gain Internet exposure. Membership does not guarantee proper exposure of, or sales for your business, products or services. Exposure and sales are directly related to your business activities and published information about your business, products and services.

Membership requires registration. Registration for Edge membership is only available when registration information is visible on this page.

Member access
= MO – Member Only Login =

Once you are logged in the following page is visible and accessible as a sub menu item of the Resources page.
Open MO (Member Only) Dashboard



As of 22 Feb 2021, membership has evolved and is still available for 99 bucks, but will be removed soon!

To get started is to visit https://verysmallbusiness.club and make a payment of $99.00.

You will get everything listed at that site plus members access at this site.  One ninety-nine dollar payment for a year’s worth of benefits related to your business and it’s online presence is a very inexpensive way to get started with Internet business or complement your current business.

Also see Edge Membership in help desk and since this membership will be closed soon, contact me directly at https://salvatorezingale.com/contact-sal.html with any questions before you make payment!